Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Do You Suspect Your Man Is On The Down Low?

Do you know what it means to be on the down low? That's where an apparently heterosexual man in a relationship with women will sneak off occasionally and have homosexual sex. But he needs to keep that sex a secret or "on the down low". It's far more common than you might imagine.

Have you noticed signs your man may be on the down low or having a secret gay life? The signs are pretty much the same that would cause a women to suspect he's out cheating with a woman but you dismiss them because he's "out with the guys" out hanging out with a male friend.

If you have these suspicions you have to change your mind set and your way of thinking, You have to look at his behavior around men in that same suspicious way you would keep on eye on things if he were spending his time around women. Don't over react and be so suspicious that you drive your man away but just be aware.

You need to be informed also. Let's face it any outside sex with strangers can bring sexually transmitted diseases into your home and family. A betrayal of your family and trust can also open you up to blackmail. Just imagine the dangerous possibilities!

A very simple way to investigate this type of behavior is an online infidelity investigation. This is where you can take your husbands email address and trace it back to secret online activity. You can trace his email back to secret personal ads, secret Myspace or Facebook accounts and even to online porn sites and escort service sites. If your man is on the down low chances are that this kind of investigation will lead to gay web sites or personal and dating sites. A peek at a secret Facebook page can reveal activity such as flirting or descriptions of meetings and parties you may not be aware of.

Investigating the modern day social networking site like FaceBook can reveal an amazing amount of personal information about someone. Not only can you find pics and comments written by your man but also you can spy on his friends pages and their pics. If you found out that his best friend that he spends all his spare time with is openly gay around everyone but you would that not raise your suspicions about your man and your relationships?

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